We have all seen Jingle All The Way with Arnold Schwarzenegger right? The hilariously funny film where he engages fisticuffs left, right and center to get the dream toy for his son? Well just as Arnie desperately wanted “Turbo Man”, it seems that kids around the world this year are equally all after the same toys. In partnership with Sassy Mama, we round up the toys that are tipped to be a sell out this Christmas. Lets hope we’re not too late mamas!

Minis (2 years – 4 years)

GIRL: Luvabella Doll

A moving, talking doll that plays just like a baby does. What more could any child want? Well this Luvabella doll actually interacts and responds too, learning words as you talk to her. She is set to be THE sellout toy this year but, whilst she is expensive, you can still get her in Dubai.


AED 809, Available at Desert Cart

BOY: Think & Learn Teach ‘n Tag Movi, by Fisher Price

The perfect little interactive learning buddy, Teach ‘n Tag Movi is fab for any preschooler. With games to make them move, think and learn, this little robot is guaranteed to offer hours of fun for your little one.


AED 479, Available at Early Learning Centre

Littles (4-6 years)

GIRL: Fingerlings

Introducing Bella, one out of six Fingerlings that are the most sought after robot monkeys this year. Singing songs, and attaching to your finger, these cute little creatures are flying off the shelves as we speak, so quit monkeying around and get shopping mamas.

Bella fingerling

AED 119, Available at Mumzworld

BOY: FurReal Roarin’ Tiger

Tyler is the hottest furry friend around. His interactive playfulness makes him the ideal pet and he even responds to sound and touch. This fun companion is set to be your little ones new BFF. Don’t miss out.

FurReal tiger

AED 799, Available at Mumzworld

whipper-snappers (6-8 years)

GIRL: Hatchimal Surprise

With the must-have, sell out toy of 2016 under their belt, Spinmaster has incredibly done it again. This time one egg hatching twins, born with a different personality, and they can even interact with each other. Beware mums, the buying frenzy has already begun.

Hatchimals Surprise

AED 499, Available at Borders Bookstore, Mall of the Emirates

BOY: Magformers Magnetic Building Construction Set

This newest building magnet set pleases parents and kids alike. Educational and engaging, the toy (if you can call it that) is certain to be a hit this Christmas and is reportedly one of Amazon’s best sellers.


AED 185, Available at Amazon.co.uk

Big kids (8-10 years)

GIRL: L.O.L Surprise Dolls

These collectable dolls come in all sorts of sizes (and prices!!) and are selling out. Unveiling a surprise layer by layer, whichever ball you choose, your child is promised to be entertained along the way. The BIG SURPRISE is the ultimate of them all.


AED 500, Borders Bookstore, Mall of the Emirates


It’s all about robotics these days and Lego’s newest offering this year is the most tech savvy gift this festive season. Allowing your kid to build, program and customize their own little robot, this type of toy is committed to the development children, and its super fun too!

lego boost

AED 1500, from Souq.com

Tweenies (10-12 years)

GIRL: Toilet Trouble

There are always a few new board games that become popular at this time of the year and this time Sky High Pie Face and Toilet Trouble seem to be the sell out offerings, both from Hasbro. We think there is a theme here – silly, fun and lets face it hilarious for all the family.


AED 149, Available at Magrudys

BOY: Makey Makey – An invention kit for everyone

Makey Makey has been around for a few years but this year, the year that technology has ruled most of the sell out toys, it’s THE toy people are buying. Allowing creativity to take over, this circuit board allows its inventor to make musical instruments, game controllers and more. Amazing!

makey makey final

AED 309, Available at Whizz.ae

Teens (13 up)

GIRL: Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 (+ 10 sheets)

Offering instant photos to a child is much more rewarding than a digital camera, and the Instax Mini 9 is the perfect companion for any keen amateur photographer. Its easy to use and load, and is highly recommended by many.

instax mini 9

AED 349, DG Sharaf

BOY: Nintendo NES Classic

A sell out last Christmas, The NES Classic is set to be just as popular this year. Returning gaming to its naissance this console, resembles the 90s edition but its super small. Also take a look at the Nintendo Switch – a close second and also in demand.

Super MES

AED 749, Available at Virgin Megastores

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