Every year I get rather kind messages on my Instagram posts about my homemade Christmas cards.  So this year I have decided to prove to you how easy it is to do…

All you need is: TIME

Step 1: Order your new Christmas stamps.  Do this in January.  Not because they are cheaper, or ever go in the sale, but merely because Christmas will still be at the forefront of your  mind, and lets face it if you wait another month it will be yet another job forgotten about.

Ive tried a lot of stamps from different brands and my favourites come from Skull and Cross Buns.  They have a large range of designs and the rubber stamps print perfectly without a lot of effort.  In close second is The English Stamp Company, who also have some lovely prints.  Both brands are available at Not On The High Street.


Step 2: Buy some packs of blank cards.  You can buy all different colours but I suggest avoiding the shiny ones which do not hold ink very well.  In the UK my go-to shop is Hobby Craft; in Dubai it is Creative Minds.  You can buy packs of 10, 25, and 50 at affordable prices.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 09.21.47

Step 3: The ink!  Most art or stationary shops sell ink pads and frustratingly the quality varies.  The pads can dry out and in this instance I spray with water lightly to give them a new lease of life.  The brand I like is Versa Color, and Camass is also fantastic.


Step 4: Set aside a few evenings and get printing!



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